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Dự án ICOSocialRemit
Mã TokenSRT
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Mười Hai 03, 2018
Ngày kết thúcTháng Tư 01, 2019
Quốc giaUK
Nền tảngEthereum
Kết thúc
1 Tháng ago
CEO & Founder

SREUR Token Sale starts on LATOKEN soon!LATOKEN is a rapidly growingTop30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for
new tokens60+crypto pairs already traded70k+traders already registered Low trading fees(0.1%for ETH pairs and0.05% for LA pairs)Low withdrawal fees $4-$6

Every day that passes is an opportunity you can not miss in #SocialRemit! If you still do not have your investment in, we will show you the way! Do not miss this incredible opportunity. #Blockchain #Bitcoin

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Do you want to do your best # Investment? At #SocialRemit we have the best Financial Analysts, with our #Tokens you get Security, Trust and the highest Stability of your money, just go to: and be part of the future of our project!#Blockchain #bitcoin

Bear market? Bullish? Do not worry, in what sense the market is going, the #Tokens of #SocialRemit is the safe investment in the market, do not hesitate, no project will give you the confidence and security of us, just go to and join up#Blockchain #Bitcoin

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Giá bán1 SRT = 0.40 USD Bán ra300,000,000 Thanh toánBTC, ETH, NEO, LTC, DOGE, Fiat
Tối thiểuN/A Đã bán60% Nâng lênN/A
Soft Cap50000m000 Hard Cap180,000,000 USD
Điểm Tin Bitcoin
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