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Dự án ICOGese
Mã TokenGSE
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Ba 15, 2019
Ngày kết thúcTháng Tư 15, 2019
Quốc giaCyprus
Nền tảngEthereum
Kết thúc
1 Tháng ago
Co-founder and CEO

Gese was presented in Hong Kong

Today, November 6th, as a part of China Blockchain Expert’s Autumn Asian Roadshow, crypto-meeting was held in Hong Kong. Crypto-projects made their pitches to investors.


Gese 2.0 project was already presented in Seoul on November 4th. Presentation was held as a part of CBE (China Blockchain Experts) series of events.


Мы рады сообщить о запуске обновленного проекта Gese 2.0. В этой версии мы изменили не только техническую часть, но и серьезно переделали токен-экономику, изменив даже функционал проекта.

Gese pre-sale ends on 11 July, so hurry up to get the maximum bonus of 43%, buying our tokens GSE!

Besides, we upgraded our site for the finest usability. Now he is better understood, describing the financial model and investment appeal.


Now Gese is participating in #TOPICO voting polls by @TrackICO and you can help us to win a promotional package here >
This week’s #poll has already begun and will end on Sunday (July 8th) at 11:59 PM UTC, and we will be grateful for your vote!

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Giá bán1 ETH = 5,500 GSE Bán ra390,000,000 Thanh toánETH, BTC
Tối thiểu0.1 ETH Đã bán65% Nâng lênN/A
Soft Cap3,818 ETH Hard Cap49,090 ETH
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