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Dự án ICODeepCloud
Mã TokenDEEP
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Ba 01, 2019
Ngày kết thúcTháng Tư 15, 2019
Quốc giaSingapore
Nền tảngEthereum
Kết thúc
1 Tháng ago
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Principal AI/Cloud Architect

The struggling bank sector in India is integrating #AI technology to reduce costs, meet margins, and exceed customer expectations which has opened up a new paradigm of the financial sector.

As a reminder, although our presale is concluding on May 24, 2019 at 11:59PM PST, our bounty will remain ongoing until June 29, 2019. We welcome all new content and engagement with our fellow community members and look forward to seeing what you have curated for #DeepCloudAI!

New #AI machine has been given large data sets of training to learn about cancer and received a final exam on data it's never seen before and received an A grading. Testing almost 7,000 cases and having a 94 percent accuracy in diagnoses.

The team has decided to conclude our #presale on May 24, if you're still interested in participating in our presale and have already gotten your KYC approved, please send in your contribution within the next 3 days! #DeepCloudAI #IoT #CloudComputing #ICO

A new #ArtificialIntelligence agent has been developed to be able to make inferences about their environment just like humans. It's able to recognize objects or estimate its volume but that's just the beginning.

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