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Dự án ICOCoinware
Mã TokenCWT
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Năm 03, 2019
Ngày kết thúcTháng Bảy 30, 2019
Quốc giaEstonia
Nền tảngEthereum
Kết thúc
in 2 Months
CEO & Co-Founder
Co-founder & Strategic Planner
Chief Operating Officer

⚡⚡📌Great News from the coinware team✍📌 ⚡⚡

🔊🔊We are pleased to announce the commencement of coinware Quiz Competition Starts tomorrow 😎😎
Time⏱⏱: 2:00pm UTC



- 120CWT💸 per Question

Do you know another side or components of COINWARE is building of highly secure multi blockchain wallet or pocket..yes is true @SimonCocking

COINWARE in Irish tech news,very prominent tech news outlets in Europe and across the globe,headed by tech giant Simon Cocking ..

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Giá bán0.1350 USD Bán ra182,000,000 Thanh toánBTC, ETH
Tối thiểuN/A Đã bán70% Nâng lênN/A
Soft Cap4,000,000 USD Hard Cap20,000,000 USD
Điểm Tin Bitcoin
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