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Dự án ICOBitWings (PreICO)
Mã TokenBWN
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Một 02, 2019
Ngày kết thúcTháng Sáu 30, 2019
Quốc giaSpain
Nền tảngEthereum
Kết thúc
in 1 Tháng
China Office Director
VAS Sales Director
Airdrop Manager

📢✨ Our team Bitwings and Wings Mobile are setting up the atmosphere and hype in Santo Domingo at Ecuador!!

The pictures here tell the story! 🎉

Watch here for more! 🌍

#Blockchain #CNCO #cryptocurrency #ecuador #crypto


✨👉 It's the BITWINGS fever going on at the Capital of Colombia, Bogotá!

The world is being captured by the spell of Bitwings and Wings Mobile!

Are you watching? 🌍🎯

#Blockchain #CNCO #Crypto #cryptocurrency #Smartphone #Technologies

💪💯 Team Bitwings and Wings Mobile are roaring loud at Machala, Ecuador as the event marathon continues! 🌍

Follow us all throughout to catch glimpses of the revolution that's just about to take place! 🎯

#ecuador #southamerica #cryptocurrency #blockchain #CNCO


📢✨ It's the weekend night and while the world prepares to sleep, Team Bitwings and Wings Mobile aren't resting soon!
Look how Ecuador is being conquered by our team led by Marketing and Stores Director, Raul Lloveras! 💪

Watch this space! 🌍

#Blockchain #crypto #CNCO


🎉📢 Ecuador, the heart of South America is ready to get enchanted by the magical spell of Team Wings Mobile and Bitwings. 🌍
Are you ready? 💪
Watch this space as we conquer one nation after another! The revolution has just begun! ✨💯

#CNCO #crypto #Blockchain #ICO #Trending

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