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Dự án ICOAWAX Blockchain Of Trust
Mã TokenAWAX
Ngày bắt đầuTháng Một 15, 2019
Ngày kết thúcTBA
Quốc giaUK
Nền tảngEthereum
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AWAX is building a new blockchain-based solution for investing in exchange-traded funds and value, passive coin-traded funds and active coin managed funds. Through the effective use of smart contracts, order and issuing fees can be reduced to a fraction of traditional costs. This will make investing in AWAX more financially inclusive across all income classes. Artificial geographical trading restrictions, including the need for a bank account, can thus be eliminated. Counterparty risk can be reduced to mere minutes. Furthermore, we are introducing a new system of passively managed cryptocurrency baskets, which reduces the risks and high fees of actively managed coin funds by using liquidity providers, incentivized by arbitrage effects. Our system is based on an underlying rule-based asset allocation rather than high-risk contracts for difference. It uses the asset-first principle, which incentivizes asset vendors to deliver assets before getting paid, thus further reducing investor risk.

Founder # CEO of AWAX LTD
Co-Founder, Director for Asian Market Development.
Executive Manager of Chinese office
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Giá bán1 AWAX = 0.1 USDBán ra10,800,000,000Thanh toánETH
Tối thiểuN/AĐã bán60%Nâng lênN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A
Điểm Tin Bitcoin
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