[16/01/2019] Ethereum: Mainnet Hard Fork Ethereum tại khối #7080000

Mainnet Hard Fork Ethereum sẽ diễn ra tại khối #7080000 vào ngày 16/01/2019 hoặc có thể sớm hơn. Tin này được xác nhận bởi Péter Szilágyi, Team lead dự án Ethereum.

#Ethereum Constantinople mainnet hard fork scheduled for block #7080000, estimated around the 16th of January, 2019!

Nguồn: @peter_szilagyi

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Tin tức Ethereum mới nhất

Latest #Lighthouse development update is out!


- Moving from JSON-RPC to RESTful HTTP
- New P2P network discovery (Discv5)
- v0.6.1 spec implementation
- SSZ to include Simple Offset Serialization (SOS)
- New runners for EF test vectors

More details 👇

Hey #Ethereum twitter!

We've just merged onto master our last big DB PR for the upcoming Geth release. If anyone's feeling experimental, we'd be happy for all feedback on how `master` performs on whatever you use Ethereum for! Note, there's no downgrade!


Just run a test with peak load of 100 TPS of ZK transactions on ETH mainnet. We could do more but hit the limit by consuming the entire capacity of DigitalOcean's largest suitable servers (next time AWS). Block explorer: https://t.co/LV1MA5m789

Ethereum 2.0 continues to make significant progress! Phase 2 is alive, work has started and it continues to evolve. I've written an article that thoroughly covers the current proposals, research and discussions around phase 2. https://t.co/wZPnjEYfqi

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